I have always enjoyed drawing, it is in the core of my soul I reckon. I would spend hours in my room drawing and making 'stuff' as a child. I did lots of little cartoons then as well, although, I never thought I was any good so didn't pursue it until much later in life. Life and being a parent took over but when I was in my thirties I went back to college and then took a degree in Visual Art after I eventually realised I could do it! Some years later I did my teacher training and I am now also a full time Art Teacher.

I can’t ever remember not loving horses. Every Christmas and Birthday I hoped for a pony of my own, but it was never to be. We lived in a town, had no money and no horses nearby. Riding lessons once a week was all we could afford but, it was never really the riding that interested me, for me it was ALL about the relationship. I just needed to be with the horses and desperately wanted my own. At 49 I got my first horse, Del! He needed me and I needed him. He had a bad tendon injury and his owner couldn’t afford to keep so I took him. It didn’t matter to me whether I ever rode him or not. I knew I had a lot to learn and it was this journey with him that started it all.

It had never occurred to me to combine my two loves of Art and Horses until I was asked to do some large horse pictures for a ménage in return for help with Del and lessons . I had no idea whether I could do it or not but was willing to give it a go to help Del. These were the first ever horse pictures I had done. They are 4ft x 2ft6, Acrylic and Conte crayon on board. It has all kind of grown from there. I started my Facebook page ‘Lost Perspective’ for what I call my ‘proper’ Art work shortly after this.

The cartoons came about after Del became very attached to a mare and “Where’s my mare?” was the very first cartoon I did as a result of his expression whenever she went out.

Horse welfare is and always has been uppermost in my mind especially after having met Del, he is an ex National Hunt Racehorse and saw the damage this had done to him. After joining many welfare groups including ‘Anti Rolkur’ I was inspired to do the ‘Blue Tongue’ cartoons during the Olympics. It kind of took off as more ideas came to me as a result of my experiences at the yard, just doing them for fun as they came to mind. I didn’t plan any of it, it just happens, usually as I sit in my kitchen for a few moments of calm and tranquillity after a hard day or week at work. It is in those moments that I get the ideas or work on ones I have already had. It doesn’t happen anywhere else so reckon it’s a magical place to be. Doing nothing is highly under rated in our fast paced lives. Del also taught me a lot about this. The name 'Tails of Whoa', like my cartoons just came to me, it arrived from nowhere, I didn't even think about it. Things just arrive if you let them.

So I owe all this to Del and words cannot express just how special he is to me.